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Monday, July 24, 2006


Im surprised at myself. I'm actually being a good big brother. I was studying for a report at home when my little sister came to me saying that my younger brother was crying upstairs since he broke his yo-yo. Having been bored with what I was reading (some really boring article on social development theories for developing countries in the context of a globalizing world), I walked upstairs to repair the yo-yo.

I did not need to have a PhD in yo-yoism to figure out how to repair the thing since the string just got untied. Using the best of my capabilities, I tried to tie the string again. My little sister was so engrossed in my repairing the yo-yo, as if it were a matte of life and death. She even placed Good Luck Bear (apparetly one of the care bears who had the power to shoot good luck from his tummy) right next to me just in case I needed magic. How sweet! When I finished repairing the yo-yo, my brother was delighted. According to him, I fixed it in such a way that it ended up better than it was before he even broke it.

I have been rather oblivious to my family's affairs for quite sometime (and by this I mean since high school). Although we live in the same house, I've realized, ironically, that I miss them.


At 3:08 AM, Blogger Darwin said...

Wow...you have a heart of gold. Finally you found your treasures and its not in a box with a sinister monkey on it. That was so sweet of your sister to help you with magic. I bet it was the magic that did it and not your PhD in mechanical engineering of Yo-yos. :)

At 2:50 AM, Blogger ino said...

I still can't get over it. This is material for a short story...not a very dark one anymore. :)

At 5:25 AM, Blogger pat said...

From kiddie love stories to broken yoyos. Summer fling, you have a calling. The Goddess needs a successor :D


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