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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

school just started

School just started yesterday, and I appear to have really interesting classes. This is the first time that I am trying out an all MWF schedule, which means I don't have classes TTh. Some people said that this kind of schedule is really suicide, since at the end of the day you feel absolutely beat, and yet others say its cool since I have TTh to myself. So far, I think that it is fine since my classes are not that heavy anyway. One tiny little thing though, on the first day of class, I got sick. I think it was brought about by transferring from an airconditioned classroom to a non airconditioned classroom repeatedly. Great and optimistic way to start school.

But somehow, I am very excited about two subjects I have: Third World Lit and Creative Writing Non-Fiction, both under Danton Remoto.The atmosphere in these classes is very relaxed and so far, I do not feel any hostility coming from Danton. I am also busy rewriting all my stories for my up coming thesis, which DM Reyes says is nothing more than a "long paper."Overall, I feel quite optimistic about this new school year and what it will bring. However, I really hope that my fabulous social life will still have a place when things start to pile up.


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