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Monday, July 03, 2006

Books and Nostalgia

There was a recent booksale in Tiendesitas and I went there hoping to find cool stuff. I'm really happy because New Day Pulications (yes, the really old one which prior to today I thought was already extinct) had a stall there. What was so cool about it was that they were selling books by the Tiempos: Edilberto K. Tiempo, and his daughter Rowena Tiempo Torrevillas. They sold for around thirty pesos each. Their cover designs (as usual) left a lot to be desired. In another part of the book sale I was able to find Jing Hidalgo books, worth around the same price. I also bought poetry anthologies for fifty pesos and other books by UST press for a slightl higher price. I even found a book by Cesar Ruiz Aquino, his first ever book to be published I think, and it sold for only twenty pesos. Ahhhh...the wonders of cheap books.

But probably the most interesting books I bought were the old Batibot children's books which I used to read as a kid: Ang Pamilyang Ismid and another one about aliens who ate their candy planet till nothing was left. I remember the books very distinctly because at that time, the illustrations looked so cute. Theyu still do after all these years. Reading them again made me somewhat nostalgic; it was like a meeting between old friends. The best thing about it was that the books sold for only five pesos. Coolness.


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