spreading the sky

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Latest Update

I found out that I only blog when I have something that deeply bothers me. I guess I have not been blogging for quite some time precsely because I'm happy and contented. But I felt that it is nonetheless important to record the days as they go by; so here is an update of the things that have been going on in my life.

There's Edward now. I spend long days and nights with him, despite the demands of school. I sneak out as often as possible just to be with him, giving over-used excuses such as finishing overdue projects or orovernight group study sessions. There are even some days that I don't go home anymore, and just spend the night (or the early morning) with him. On weekedns we party hard in gov until around 6am and it's lots of fun. But I must say its a different kind of fun. The excitement feels a lot more meaningful than the usual night out. Before I met Ehedward, the happiness ended when the bar closed only to be replaced by an empty ache that cried out to be filled. With him around, I can now look forward to the morning after the party and not be scared of being alone on the dancefloor.

My exam week was spent studying and hanging out with him. It was a taxing week, but i somehow managed to balance my time between Edward and schoolwork. I spent several days with him, but as often is the case, the 24 hours in a day never seem to be enough. We both wanted more time to be with each other, but the demands of the world got in the way. After exams, I had to fly to the states on vacation. My dad booked our tickets even before I met Edward, so the prospect of visiting Washigton and San Francisco suddenly struck me as daunting. Two weeks in the US seemed like a long, long time. But in sense it is probably good for me, since a vacation would give me time to detox from school and the endless nights of dancing. Things have happened so quickly, that it would proabably be healthy for me to slow down a bit.

I am writing this in a hotel in Boston where I am expeiriencing wind, rain, and single digit temperatures. I miss Edward, and I know he misses me. I brought along his blue jacket, and I let him borrow mine. Excuse the romanticism, but I like pressing his jacket to my face because it still has his distinct scent. I wear it, and it is as if I am back in his embrace. With my boyfriend half a world away, all I have to survive the 2 weeks of cold is his familiar smell.

The US is beautiful now, especially when the leaves are turning red with autumn. But somehow, autmun would be more beautiful with him around. I can't wait to get back home.