spreading the sky

Monday, September 25, 2006


I am officially single no more...O joy!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Dancer From The Dance

Electronica blazed out of the speakers, as the thumping beat pounded in my chest. I closed my eyes in order to adjust to the violent flahses of light that numbed my mind. As I looked around the dancefloor I did not see people, only fragments of them---random bodies, random limbs, and random faces that were briefly illuminated by the zipping lights.

The beat picked up, the lights exploded, and then the entire dancefloor was nothing but a blur of frenzied movement. The dance had begun, and the dancers were no more.

But soon, it all became very tiring. I was trapped in a shifting sea of formelss movement that I could not hope to grasp anything solid to steady my balance. I danced, and then disappeared into the dance. Names did not matter on the dancefloor---"How can we tell the dancer from the dance?"

The irony was that the more I danced in the crowd, the more I was made profoundly aware of my loneliness. When one dances, one really dances alone. Because everything was zipping by at such dizzying speeds, I desperaetely longed for something which I could actually hold. So I stopped dancing to save my sanity.

When I was standing at the edge of the dancefloor, I saw something I have never seen before: a person--- a real, solid person. He too decided to stop dancing for the same reasons that I have.

I have finally found my "dancer from the dance." When I dance now, I only dance with him--- and for that I am happiest.